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The Agricultural Company “Il Ponte” is located in the very heart of Maremma in the blooming Tuscan countryside, bathed in sunlight and blessed by the nearby sea


The farm, holding no. 469, comprises 30 hectares of fertile soil near Capalbio in Carige Alta


Our wines are produced from grapes taken from vines grown on spurred cordon, which in this area is the best cultivation method because it enhances their aromas and flavours

Our history


The farm “Il Ponte” rises from the flourishing Tuscan countryside, rich in sunshine and blessed with the vicinity of the sea, right in the heart of Maremma, once a land of Brigands, but now above all a fertile land of abundance, thanks to the loving and capable hands of those that have always searched for, found and respected the laws of nature.

Thirty hectares of fertile terrain, close to Capalbio, in the fraction known as Carige Alta, go to make up the farm assigned the number 469. Important renovations carried out from the 1990′ s onwards, have brought about structural improvements to the farm buildings and a consistent remodernization of the crops and vines.

The Farm is characterized today by two main crops, grapes and olives, as well as having an orchard and breeding livestock. The cultivation of olive trees, expanded over the past 5 years, complement centuries—old groves. The efforts, profound experience and attention to natural cycles make this Farm a precious gem in an area steeped in history, beauty and flavours.


WINE expresses Earth ‘s generosity, the fatigue of expert hands, the pleasure of taste, the social nature Intrinsic to a convivial culture. Man nourishes himself with comparison and flavours that themselves become a form of communication and love. To pay attention to these values means to nurture the deepest essence of oneself.


Our wines

The wines come from grapes produced by vines pruned cordon, which in this area appears to be the best form of cultivation, able to enhance the aromas and taste of the wines obtained.
Particular attention is paid to the quality of the bunch, which is pursued with judicious interventions of pruning, thinning and toppings, such as to obtain very low yields per hectare, but that raise the quality.


T-Lex Bianco DOC

From this ancient law, T-Lex Ansonica DOC is borne. A gold-coloured…


T-Lex Rosso DOC

The Sangiovese and Merlot grapes fuse cleverly in this wine…


Balto IGT

This wine is an “Indicazione Geografica Tipica” made from grapes…

Rosso passito “469”

Red Passito Wine obtained from only Aleatico grapes, raisined naturally…

Spumante Rosè

Spumante Dry is created from the skilful blending of Sangiovese …

  • T-LEX Capalbio DOC Annuario dei Migliori Vini Italiani 2009

    Top Italian Wine Producers 2009

    Luca Maroni

    Qualifying the debut of the “IL PONTE”.
    High density wines of superior taste softness, excellent wine sharpness of execution. Excellent T-Lex Bianco 2007: powerful, dense, soft and really solar. Fruity-wine with a caliber greater T-Lex Rosso 2006: pasty extracts, excellent palate softness, smoothness of good balsamic spices.


We aim at offering products that combine experience and familiarity with the earth to the benefit of quality, through consideration of our heritage, sustained by the most modern agricultural techniques.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively from healthy olives harvested at veraison and cold- pressed mechanically in a single day to give the Oil its particularly fine characteristics.

The farmhouse

The farmhouse has five bedrooms and five bathrooms (two external), an open plan kitchen, dining and living room and television room.
Outside there is a beautiful portico, a lovely spot to enjoy the fresh air during the summer heat, and a “pallaio”, a bowling green, beneath a canopy of Isabella grapes.
The setting would not be complete without a traditional wood—fired oven to bake homemade pizza and bread. Alongside the oven there is al so a large barbeque for grilling meat or fish.
A beautiful and extensive Mediterranean garden surrounds the house, complete with a 13 x 6 metre swimming pool complete with a changing room, two showers and a bathroom.
A gazebo covered with climbing roses creates a lovely shady spot by the poolside, and there is aIso a natural grass football pitch and artificial grass tennis court.
The minimum rental period is one week.

For more information please phone Antonella on +39 333 48 43 966


Our Chianina cattle are raised in a natural, free—range environment and are free to graze and wander in the three hectares of grass and vegetation dedicated solely to them. Hay, corn and barley from our fields are milled on site and added to their feed to integrate their nourishment.

For purchase information please contact Antonella on +39 333 48 43 966


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